You may have been on the infertility journey for just a few weeks, or many years.  Regardless of your time or place along the path to create a family, taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance.  Counseling can help you find peace, feel empowered to consider options, and create a new sense of hope. 

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A pregnancy ignites an intimate dance between a parent and child.  In a brief moment, lives are being united, and neither will ever be the same.  The way you welcome your child into the world matters. Counseling can help you embrace each moment, feel empowered to envision a healthy labor and birth, and find peace in the early moments of parenthood.​​

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the time after

After birth, some mood changes are normal; after all, a woman’s body is going through the most change it has ever experienced since her own birth!  Take it from a counselor/mama who’s been there; pregnancy is an awesome yet emotional roller coaster requiring some tender loving care!

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The way we welcome life into the world matters

The way you were welcomed into life matters, too.

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