The dawning of a new year is upon us, inviting us to create the traditional ‘new year’s resolutions’ in an effort to start fresh. Why do we make these promises to ourselves to make change as the clock chimes midnight? Our reasons are as unique as our fingerprints; we want to change something about ourselves and the calendar provides a concrete timestamp for us to put thoughts into motion. Some of us want to lose weight or stop an addictive habit, or perhaps we want to get a new job, or a new partner, or become an artist. The list is endless, ranging from daily doses of plans to make things different to existential thoughts of wonder.  The lengths of which we are each willing to go through to achieve these new ideas of change are again unique to each of us.

The story behind these resolutions often set us up for success or failure. When you consider your thoughts for change, take pause and ask if there is hope or fear lurking in the midst?  I hold true to a basic truth in my life; our stories matter. They provide the blueprint of our journey, and we will always view our current experiences based on our past. Some view this as a negative, while others are reminded that there is always some beauty to be found in our history, or more importantly, who we have become because of, or in spite of, our story.

Our story invites us to take a piece of our history into our future, therefore consider evolving into 2019 with lessons learned and proactive steps supporting growth and abundance. When creating your list of “resolutions,” or things you wish you do or change in 2019, consider the following as a guide to help create a year of gratitude, wisdom and joy.

Gratitude: There is always something to be grateful for (even if it takes you awhile to come up with something). List things you are grateful for daily and watch as you become more aware of thankful moments.

Wisdom: Pace yourself, and learn when to hold tight and let go. Take pause to respond to situations mindfully, rather than react impulsively. Strive to thrive in all areas of your life.

Joy: Take time to feel the pulse of the earth. Create a plan to breathe, smile and explore something new. A new year brings fresh opportunities for us to bring our best selves forward. Wishing you a year full of joy, health and peace.

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