Tips for Postpartum Wellness

The moment we bring a child into our world, life changes in some very big ways. This sweet new life comes completely dependent on us in every way imaginable. As poetic as this sounds, we need to remember that for us to take care of our littlest ones, we must care for ourselves as well.

Many women experience mood changes before and after birth. The hormonal shifts (and lack of sleep) are enough to send many of us on the most wild ride of our lives! Typically, this resolves without intervention but sometimes, the mental & physical load feels heavier than we can hold alone. As many as 1 in 7 mothers experience postpartum depression and anxiety. New fathers may experience (paternal) postpartum depression, too.

Many factors may influence postpartum mental health, and each woman experiences postpartum life in her own unique way.

3 Tips for Embracing Postpartum Wellness:

Listen to Your Body: Your body holds your story; listen to her. If something doesn’t feel right–either physically or emotionally–seek support.

Tell the Birth Story: Your child’s birth is the most intimate story of both of your lives. Record it while it’s fresh, and notice if there are moments you wish to explore or heal.

Assemble the Tribe: We need one another! Identify the people you can rely on most, and ask for support when needed.

It takes time to adjust to life with a new baby, but if you’re experiencing distressing feelings or having difficulty bonding with your baby, therapeutic support is available. If your thoughts become unsettling, or you worry you may harm yourself or your baby, seek immediate support. You Got This, Mama! Embrace the little and big moments, and find ways to TAKE CARE OF YOU in the process of caring for your bundle of sweetness.

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