The last thing you want to worry about when trying to create a family is infertility. Let’s face it… romance quickly takes a back seat as a medical diagnosis takes over the most intimate aspect of your life. As many as 1 in 8 couples struggle getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. Infertility knows no boundaries; it affects women and men and can interfere with everything in your life.

When coping with infertility, managing stress is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Stress does not cause infertility, but infertility definitely causes stress. Here are a few tips to support your mental health and create peace within your mind:

Take Good Care of YOU: Infertility typically invites you into uncharted territory. From invasive medical testing, financial strains and emotional turmoil, you need to be sure to take good care of yourself. Be your own advocate. Keep a journal. Access your creative outlets. Be both active and mindful. Find the activity, place and mindset that helps you sparkle!

Hope and Loss: The journey of infertility is such a unique process of ups and downs. Oftentimes, it is difficult to manage the feelings between feeling hopeful and grieving loss. Remember that your partner is experiencing these emotions, too, even if it looks different from your hope and grief. Allow time for both of you to process your thoughts, and remember to ask for space when you need it most.

Find your Tribe: We need one another, but it’s okay to be selective with your support system. Identify the people you can rely on most, and ask for support when needed. Also, remember to create your boundaries when it comes to social situations. You do not need to walk the infertility journey alone. Take good care of you by accessing the resources you feel will be most supportive of your journey.

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